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2018 Football World Cup Music Resources from Musical Contexts





Vuma Phumelela

An African-inspired part-song from the 2010 South African World Cup.

Based around the chords of F and C, this can be sung in unison or in three-part harmony.  An optional verse is given, together with a simple accompaniment and pupils can be asked to create their own African Drum Rhythms or Ostinatos to add as a percussive textural layer.

Vuma Phumelela Chorus Song Example

Vuma Phumelela Full Song Example with Verse

Vuma Phumelela

Chorus Song Example in 3-part Harmony






A well-known “Football Anthem” which can be sung in unison or performed with a Melody, Accompaniment, Chords and Bass Line


A “Full Score” of England/Vindaloo!


Song Example



MIDI Example - Melody, Accompaniment, Chords and Bass Line







Three Lions

A famous Football-themed Popular Song arranged with Ostinatos, Verse Melody, Chords and Bass Line

Three Lions

A “Full Score” of Three Lions

Three Lions Song Example

Three Lions MIDI 1 - Ostinato A

Three Lions MIDI 2 - Ostinato B

Three Lions MIDI 3 - Verse with Melody, Chords and Bass Line





Waka Waka Full Score

A song performed by Shakira (also called “This Time for Africa”) famous at the 2010 South African World Cup and arranged for flexible classroom ensemble - Melody Line, Chords and Bass Line

Waka Waka Parts

A range of instrumental parts with and without note names for Shakira’s “Waka Waka” - melody line, chords, bass line, B flat and E flat melody lines

Waka Waka Drum & Percussion Ostinatos

Three suggestions to accompany Waka Waka

Waka Waka MIDI - Melody Line, Chords and Bass Line Together