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MUSICAL CONTEXTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS - Resources written and compiled and website designed and maintained by Rob Blythe with invaluable assistance with imaging and layout advice from Angela Blythe.  Supported Self Study Audio narrations by Lesley Blythe.  Huge thanks to Kevin Griffin and to Seamus and Felix for unending support.

Musical Contexts provides teachers with quality, "ready to use", tried and tested and professionally presented resources for use in the primary and secondary music classroom.  The aim of Musical Contexts is to produce an easy-to-navigate and comprehensive bank of music resources, relieving teachers from the lengthy process of resource collection and preparation.



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Resources are all available for immediate download and are grouped into "topics" or "units".  Musical Contexts can provide new material to your existing schemes of work, or entire schemes can be used direct from the site - all the resources are there ready for download and use.  I hope that Musical Contexts can help you and that you enjoy the site.

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