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Musical Contexts provides teachers with quality, "ready to use", tried and tested and professionally presented resources for use in the primary and secondary music classroom.  The aim of Musical Contexts is to produce an easy-to-navigate and comprehensive bank of music resources, relieving teachers from the lengthy process of resource collection and preparation.



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Resources are all available for immediate download and are grouped into "topics" or "units".  Musical Contexts can provide new material to your existing schemes of work, or entire schemes can be used direct from the site - all the resources are there ready for download and use.  I hope that Musical Contexts can help you and that you enjoy the site.

Christmas Music Resources from Musical Contexts


A 53-page Classroom Performing Pack from Musical Contexts containing a selection of Christmas Vocal Warm-Ups and Rounds and Well-Known Christmas Songs suitable for singing and ensemble performing in the KS2/Primary and KS3/Secondary classroom.  This Classroom Performing Pack from Musical Contexts consists of Christmas Rounds and Warm-Ups and well-known Christmas Songs arranged for ensemble performing in the KS2/Primary or KS3/Secondary Music Classroom.  

The Five Christmas Rounds and Warm-Ups come complete with supporting MIDI files which model the melodic parts and demonstrate how the piece would be performed as a Round. There then follows classroom ensemble arrangements of seven well-known Christmas songs:

·               Jingle Bells

·               Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer

·               Walking in the Air

·               Frosty the Snowman

·               White Christmas

·               All I Want for Christmas is You

·               Happy Christmas (War is Over)

Each of the seven arrangements comes with a “Song Sheet” giving the melody line, chords (guitars) and lyrics.  Performing Sheets give pitched melody line with note names, harmonic chords (in two parts) and a bass line.  There’s also B flat and E flat melody line parts for transposing instruments and a Full Score for teachers to lead the ensemble performance.  You can simply print off the parts that you need which best suits your students, ability range or school. 

The arrangements are designed to be flexible enough to perform on a range of classroom instruments including recorders, keyboards, pitched chromatic percussion instruments – glockenspiels, xylophones, metallaphones, chime bars etc. – as well as pupil’s own instruments.  Percussion parts, drum rhythms and ostinato patterns can be added as suitable accompaniments to all the songs for performance.  There are also Audio and MIDI files to accompany each song which model each individual part as well as demonstrating how the parts sound together.



Those last few music lessons of the Autumn Term, on the run-up to Christmas, can be an extremely busy time for classroom music teachers!  Christmas Concerts and Carol Services, plus rehearsal time, can often lead to moments of unplanned cover and music lessons being re-roomed at short notice.  Following on from the success of the Musical Contexts Great Big End of Summer Term Music Quiz…………….The Musical Contexts Great Big Christmas Music Quiz!!

The Musical Contexts Great Big Christmas Music Quiz has 200+ questions, divided into 20 “rounds” of 10 questions each.  It’s up to individual teachers as to what particular “rounds” they wish to use with classes, depending on lesson duration, location, ability of classes and individual preference.  The quiz is designed to be “edited” by teachers, allowing them to put together a fun finale to Christmas music lessons.  The pupil answer sheet has therefore been left generic, rather than specific, allowing a space for a “team name” (if pupils are working in teams - the quiz can also be set for individual completion), and space for pupils/teams to insert the “round name” or “round number”, depending on what the teacher has chosen.  All of the questions on The Musical Contexts Great Big Christmas Music Quiz are given on an accompanying PowerPoint presentation (with embedded audio and video tracks for certain rounds) as well as individual audio and video files in .mp3 format for audio files and video files in .mp4 formats.  Answers are also given in both this booklet and on a separate PowerPoint Presentation for ease of marking and certain rounds are given within the Master Quiz Booklet if IT facilities are lacking and a more traditional “paper-based” quiz is more practical.

Rounds include: Multiple Choice Christmas Songs and Music General Knowledge, Introductions Rounds, Christmas Song Scramble, Backwards Christmas Songs, Christmas Carols Missing Words, Christmas Movie and Film Songs, Name that Christmas Song Multiple Choice, One Carol to the Tune of Another, Christmas Songs and Carols Pictograms, Ortnis (Reverse Intros), The Twelve Days of Christmas, Christmas Carols Staff Notation Round, Christmas Pop to the Tune of Carols, Finish that Christmas Song, Name that Christmas Song Quickfire, Christmas Songs General Knowledge and Christmas Songs Silent Videos.



A sequel to “The Christmas Tree” Musical Contexts Classroom Performing Pack, Let It Snow! is coming online soon containing a selection of new arrangements of popular Christmas Songs including:

·               Winter Wonderland

·               Carol of the Bells

·               It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

·               Jingle Bell Rock

·               Last Christmas

·               Let It Snow