The Musical Contexts GCSE Music Study and Revision Guide for Film Music

·               Newly updated for Eduqas, OCR and Edexcel GCSE Music - ideal for online, distance or home learning and revision.

·               Sections on Video Game Music (to support OCR), Minimalist Techniques in Film Music (to support Eduqas) and a Cast Study of Main Theme/Rebel Blockade Runner from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - John Williams (to support Edexcel).

·               Includes questions and think prompts.

·               QR Codes take pupils directly to YouTube videos, recordings and performances of film music to access form their own (online) digital devices alongside listening questions.

·               Annotated score examples highlighting musical features and how the Elements of Music are used in a range of film music.

·               Word walls consolidating key musical terms and vocabulary.

·               Available as an MS-Word format HERE.

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The Elements of Music

A good introduction to The Elements of Music for study at GCSE-level through the exploration of a Mozart Piano Concerto, a Popular Song and an Indian Raga