The Musical Contexts GCSE Music Study and Revision Guide for Film Music

·               Newly updated for Eduqas, OCR and Edexcel GCSE Music - ideal for online, distance or home learning and revision.

·               Sections on Video Game Music (to support OCR), Minimalist Techniques in Film Music (to support Eduqas) and a Cast Study of Main Theme/Rebel Blockade Runner from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - John Williams (to support Edexcel).

·               Includes questions and think prompts.

·               QR Codes take pupils directly to YouTube videos, recordings and performances of film music to access form their own (online) digital devices alongside listening questions.

·               Annotated score examples highlighting musical features and how the Elements of Music are used in a range of film music.

·               Word walls consolidating key musical terms and vocabulary.

·               Available as an MS-Word format HERE.

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Musical Contexts Music Theory Microsoft/Google Forms Bundle


Available via the Musical Contexts Shop as an ‘add-on extra’, these 10 ready-made online music theory quizzes are available in either Microsoft or Google Forms formats and provide an excellent way of assessing pupil’s knowledge and understanding of music theory.  All 10 quizzes are worth 20 marks and include:


Treble and Bass Clef Staff Notation; Note Values and Rests; Dots, Ties and Triplets; Time Signatures; Tempo and Dynamics, Sharps and Flats, Tones and Semitones; Major and Minor Scales; Key Signatures; Intervals.







OCR GCSE Music (9-1) Areas of Study Listening

My Music

The Concerto Through Time

Rhythms of the World

Film Music

Conventions of Pop


The Elements of Music

A good introduction to The Elements of Music for study at GCSE-level through the exploration of a Mozart Piano Concerto, a Popular Song and an Indian Raga