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What is Musical Contexts?​

Musical Contexts is a website providing teachers with a bank of quality, "ready to use", tried and tested and professionally presented resources for use in the Primary and Secondary music classroom.

​The Primary/Key Stage 2 Musical Contexts resources aim to combine music with established popular Primary class Topics/Themes adding a cross-curricular approach to learning.  

​The Secondary/Key Stage 3 Musical Contexts resources aim to build on traditionally popular units frequently taught by secondary music specialists and to prepare pupils for the new 2016 GCSE (9-1) Music specifications with the option of selecting units to construct either a three-year or two-year Key Stage 3 course as has now become popular in many schools.

​Each of the Primary/Key Stage 2 and Secondary/Key Stage 3 Musical Contexts units focuses on one or more of the Elements of Music - Rhythm, Pitch, Texture, Timbre/Sonority & Dynamics, Melody & Harmony and Structure & Form.

​The Musical Contexts 2016 GCSE (9-1) Music resources offer Study & Revision Guides, sample GCSE-style Listening Questions and a range of listening, performing and composing activities to support the new 2016 GCSE (9-1) Music Areas of Study.

How can I use Musical Contexts?

​The aim of Musical Contexts is to produce an easy-to-navigate and comprehensive bank of music resources, relieving teachers from the lengthy process of resource collection and preparation.  Resources are available for immediate download and are grouped in "topics" or "units" within each key stage.

​There are a wealth of different resources for each of the units and probably far more than any teacher will be able to cover in a half-term's worth of work!  This has been the intention of the design giving you, the teacher, the choice of which resources and activities to use.  Some teachers and schools have well-established schemes of work and Musical Contexts can be used to provide new materials and fresh inspiration to compliment this.  Otherwise, the entire scheme of work can be used direct from the site - all of the resources, including audio files - are there ready to download and use.

​How you use Musical Contexts is entirely up to you!

What kind of resources does Musical Contexts offer?

Musical Contexts contains a wide variety of different teaching and learning resources including Teacher Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans, Learning, Listening, Composing and Evaluating Worksheets, Performing Activities including Songs and Scores, Starter and Plenary Activities, Supporting Activities - Cover and Homework tasks, Audio and MIDI files and some units include Video files and Musical Contexts "IN ACTION" audio examples to support learning. 













At GCSE level, Musical Contexts offers Study and Revision Guides and sample GCSE-style Listening Questions to support the new 2016 GCSE (9-1) Music Areas of Study. ​The Musical Contexts Baseline Assessment Listening Test  provides a vital way of measuring pupil's understanding in music at the start of Year 7.  ​Finally, a Cover Bank, Starter and Plenaries Bank and Songs and Performing Arrangement Bank (under construction) will provide teacher’s with a “ready to use” bank of flexible resources.  There’s also the Seasonal Topic Packs covering areas such as Christmas, Halloween and Bonfire Night which can be purchased as “add-on” items via the Musical Contexts shop.