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2016 GCSE (9-1) Music

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“Whether you choose to use Musical Contexts 'off the shelf' as a complete Music Curriculum, or use the resources to supplement your own Schemes of Work is entirely up to you. 

There's plenty to inspire, enjoy and promote and encourage active music-making!”

Musical Contexts also provides Seasonal Topic Packs covering areas such as Christmas, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Microsoft and Google Forms Quiz Bundles and End of Term Music Quizzes.  These are not included within the “full-site subscription” due to costs in obtaining copyright permissions to use songs, scores and audio materials contained within them.  These can be purchase as “add-on extra” items (normally at £12.50 per pack or £10.00 per quiz bundle) via the Musical Contexts Shop.

The Musical Contexts Complete “Warm-Ups Compedium” Volumes 1 & 2

Packed full of Singing/Vocal Warm-Ups, Tongue Twisters, Body Percussion and Clapping and Rhythm Game Warm-Ups and suitable for both Primary/Key Stage 2 and Secondary/Key Stage 3 Music. 

The Musical Contexts Year 7 Baseline Assessment Listening Tests

Two alternative ways of of measuring pupil's knowledge and understanding in music at the start of Year 7.

The Musical Contexts SQUILT Listening Exercises 

(Super Quiet UnInterruped Listening Time)

Provides a bank of general listening tasks on a variety of music from different times and places - great for homework, extended listening or home learning!

10 fully– resourced Primary/Key Stage 2 Music Units

Featuring cross-curricular/themed History-themed topics/units: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, The Victorians, Britain Since 1930, The Tudors.

And Science, Geography, Technology & Nature-themed topics/units: Water Music, Weather and Seasons, Animal Crackers, Machine Music, Journey Into Space. 

The Musical Contexts Fully-Resourced Key Stage 3 Music Curriculum

18 fully– resourced Secondary/Key Stage 3 Music Units

All with Teacher Schemes of Work and Lesson Plan Pathways, Knowledge Organisers, DOITNOWs and Plenary Review Questions, 5 Minutes Silent Readings, Music Theory and Dictation, Resources to support Playing: Singing and Performing, Creating: Composing and Improvising and Critical Engagement: Listening and Appraising; Cover and Homework Activities and supporting Media Files. 

The Musical Contexts Music Cover Bank

Provides a wealth of ready-to-use, print-and-set music resources for emergency or last-minute cover for music lessons covering Music Festivals, My Music, Quizzes and Puzzles (many of these can be completed without ICT) and Internet Research tasks. 

The Musical Contexts World Music Guides (Indian Music, Chinese Music, Gamelan, Salsa, Calypso & Steel Bands)

Study guides containing QR codes for direct access to media files and a range of history, theory, analysis, playing: singing and performing, creating: composing and improvising and critical engagement: listening and appraising activities complete with teacher’s notes and answers.


The Musical Contexts Topic Exploration Packs (Programme Music, Scales, Texture, Chords into Cadences)

Study guides containing QR codes for direct access to media files and a range of history, theory, analysis, playing: singing and performing, creating: composing and improvising and critical engagement: listening and appraising activities complete with teacher’s notes and answers.


There are also GCSE (9-1) Music Resources to support primarily the OCR GCSE Music Specification which are currently being revised and updated.  Existing GCSE Music resources can be found HERE.

See the source imageSee the source image

Musical Contexts Music Theory Microsoft/Google Forms Bundle


Available via the Musical Contexts Shop as an ‘add-on extra’, these 10 ready-made online music theory quizzes are available in either Microsoft or Google Forms formats and provide an excellent way of assessing pupil’s knowledge and understanding of music theory.  All 10 quizzes are worth 20 marks and include:


Treble and Bass Clef Staff Notation; Note Values and Rests; Dots, Ties and Triplets; Time Signatures; Tempo and Dynamics, Sharps and Flats, Tones and Semitones; Major and Minor Scales; Key Signatures; Intervals.

Please feel free to copy, modify, customise, personalise and use Musical Contexts resources for your own use, with your students and pupils, within your own school or college and on internal Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs). 

​Please use the resources responsibly and ethically, as continued irresponsible free sharing and poaching of paid published resources (particularly “free sharing” to Facebook groups and the current trend of setting up “free” music resource websites using Musical Contexts and other published resources) is not only a breach of copyright, but the implications of making these publicly available on websites, even if only for a short period of time, are that other schools and teachers can freely access them meaning a loss of earnings for authors and publishers, jeopardising future resource development for YOUR subject specification and will only sadly see the demise of sites such as Musical Contexts which rely on the support (and honesty) of schools and teachers for future development. 

Musical Contexts is unitedly working with a range of publishers together to monitor Facebook groups for such “free sharing” and regular checks to the web are made using a program which scours the web for PDFs using automated code (scrapers).  Any subscriber found freely sharing Musical Contexts resources online will have their log-in cancelled with immediate effect and no refund given in respect of this.