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Pre-2016 GCSE Music Specification Resources


The content of these Pre-2016 GCSE Music specification resources will remain live on the site until 31st May 2017, when it will be permanently removed to make way for the new 2016 GCSE (9-1) Music Resources. 


Please make sure that you DOWNLOAD all the content you may need before this date.



New from Musical Contexts: "The Concerto Through Time Study & Revision Guide". Full 20-page Study & Revision Guide booklet to support Area of Study: “The Concerto Through Time”. Available in “completed” format and “blank” format with question prompts for student completion.  Features include:
- Provides all underpinning knowledge as covered in the new GCSE (9-1) Music 2016 specification including emphasis on historical and social contexts of the Concerto, venue, commission and audience.
- Key facts covering The Baroque Concerto Grosso and Solo Concerto, The Classical Solo Concerto and The Romantic Concerto including the development of the orchestra.
- Score examples provide illustrations of key musical features from Concertos from different musical periods.
- Diagrams and illustrations support learning in relation to the development of the orchestra and performance venues.
- 2-page Summary Table consolidates key musical facts
- Key Words definitions highlight key musical vocabulary in relation to The Concerto Through Time
- Learning Outcomes consolidate learning and act as a means of tracking pupil progress.

New from Musical Contexts: The Concerto Through Time GCSE-style Listening Questions. A booklet of three GCSE-style Listening Questions to support Area of Study: “The Concerto Through Time”.

Includes pupil answer booklet, teacher mark scheme and accompanying audio tracks. (Further questions will be added at a later date)

Now that the new format has been established, further Study & Revision Guides, GCSE-style Listening Questions and Supporting Activities will be added to support other Areas of Study including the favoured “Set Work Summaries”.  Please bear with as I continue to fight the ongoing battle of obtaining copyright permissions to use audio extracts and scores!


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