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Due to current changes in the GCSE Music (9-1) 2016 specifications, the content of this page will be removed from the site from 31st August 2017 to make way for new GCSE resources.  Please ensure you DOWNLOAD any content that you may wish to keep to use after this date. 



Set Work Summaries Revision Guide

Contains completed Set Work Summaries for each of the 12 Edexcel set works  above in one guide.

Set Work Summaries Blank Revision Guide

Contains 12 blank pro-forma templates for each of the 12 Edexcel set works for student completion

Area of Study 1 - Western Classical Music 1600-1899




Set Work 1

G F Handel: Chorus: And the Glory of the Lord from Messiah

6 Study Sessions

Study Session 1 - Baroque On!
Study Session 2 - Oratorio

Study Session 3 - All About Handel

Study Session 4 - Chords into Cadences

Study Session 5 - Threads and Textures

Study Session 6 - Can You Handel It?

Set Work 2

W A Mozart: 1st Movement from Symphony No.40 in G minor, K550

5 Study Sessions

Study Session 7 - The Classical Period
Study Session 8 - Sonatas and Symphonies

Study Session 9 - All About Mozart

Study Session 10 - Circle of Fifths

Study Session 11 - Show a Little Symphony!

Set Work 3

F Chopin: Prelude No.15 in D flat major,

Op. 28

4 Study Sessions

Study Session 12 - The Romantic Period
Study Session 13 - Exploring Programme Music

Study Session 14 - All About The Piano and Chopin

Study Session 15 - Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head










Area of Study 2 - Music in the 20th Century




Set Work 4

A Schoenberg: Peripetie from Five Orchestral Pieces, Op.16

4 Study Sessions

Study Session 16 - New Directions
Study Session 17 - Express Yourself

Study Session 18 - All About Hexachords and Schoenberg

Study Session 19 - Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Set Work 6

S Reich: 3rd Movement (Fast) from Electric Counterpoint

4 Study Sessions

Study Session 24 - Less is More!
Study Session 25 - A Little goes a Long Way!

Study Session 26 - In and Out of Phase

Study Session 27 - Getting in Sync











Area of Study 3 - Popular Music in Context

Area of Study 4 - World Music



Set Work 7

M Davis: All Blues from the album Kind of Blue

5 Study Sessions

Study Session 28 - All That Jazz!
Study Session 29 - Jazzing it Up!

Study Session 30 - Mode to Measure

Study Session 31 - Riffs and Sevenths

Study Session 32 - Feelin’ Blue

Set Work 11

Rag Desh - A Shankar: Rag Desh from the album Live at Carnegie Hall etc.

5 Study Sessions

Study Session 45 - Tala and Tintal

Study Session 46 - Raga

Study Session 47 - Sounds of the East

Study Session 48 - Alap, Jor, Gat, Jhalla

Study Session 49 - Rag Desh