What is Musical Contexts? 

Musical Contexts is a website providing teachers with a bank of quality, “ready to use”, tried and tested and professionally presented resources for use in the Primary and Secondary Music classroom.

The aim of Musical Contexts is to produce an easy-to-navigate and comprehensive bank of Music Resources, relieving teachers from the lengthy process of resource
collection and preparation.  Resources are all available for immediate download and are grouped in “Topics” or “Units” within each Year Group.

There are a wealth of different resources for each of the Units and probably far more than any teacher will be able to cover in a half-term’s worth of work!  This has been an intention in the design of the site giving you, the teacher, the choice of which
resources you wish to use.  Some teachers and schools have well established schemes of work and
Musical Contexts can be used to provide new material to
compliment this, otherwise the entire scheme of work can be used direct from the site - all the resources including audio files - are there ready to download and use.

How you use Musical Contexts is entirely up to you!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)/Help and Support

I hope that Musical Contexts can help you and that you enjoy the site.

Rob Blythe


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Can I see some samples?

Click on the link here FREE SAMPLE MATERIAL to see a selection of resources from the Primary/Key Stage 2, Secondary/Key Stage 3 and 2016 GCSE (9-1) Music resources.  All users can access the “unit pages” showing the selection of resources available for each unit, although only subscribing members will be able to view and download the specific resources.

I’m having problems with the Audio & Video Files

There are a multitude of different media formats available, but for consistency and ease of use, MP3 files have been used on all Musical Contexts Audio Files and have been uploaded with the file extension .mp3 and .MP4 and .MPG files have been used on all Musical Contexts Video Files and have been uploaded with the file extensions .mp4 and .mpg.  

If you’re having problems downloading the Audio or Video Files, try right-clicking on the file icon or description and selecting “Save Link As….”  or “Save Target As….” , depending on which browser you are using to view the site, and select a location on your computer where you would like the file to be downloaded to.  Now try opening the file direct from your computer.  If you need to convert the Audio Files to a different format, there are a number of free software applications available to do this.  I would recommend WavePad Sound Editor for Audio File conversion and Any Video Converter for Video File conversion and VLC Media Player for a generic Media Player - all available free by clicking on the links.

If you’re using Firefox® you can install the “Down Them All!” add-on which will speed up the downloading process!

I’m having problems with the Zipped “Lesson Bundle” Files

Like Audio Files, there are a number of different applications available to compress and zip files.  For consistency and ease of use, Winzip® has been used on all Musical Contexts lesson bundles across the site and have been uploaded with the file extension .zip.  If you’re having problems downloading the Lesson Bundle Files, try downloading the latest version of WinZip® by clicking on the link.  Select the “Download WinZip®” button to download your free copy.  If you’re using a Mac, then click on the following link for WinZip® and then click on “Try Free”.  For reasons of size and storage on the Musical Contexts servers, video files which accompany any lessons have NOT been included in the zipped “Lesson Bundle” files and will need to be downloaded separately or from the Musical Contexts YouTube®  Channel.

Can I change my username and password?

Unfortunately, due to the initial set up of the site, users are sadly unable to change their username and password given at the time of subscription.  This is a feature that may be changed in the future should the web hosting provider begin to offer this feature as part of their web hosting package.  I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Why do the Key Stage 2/Primary Units still relate to the ‘old’ topics?

With regard to the new “Primary Curriculum” -  sadly the new ‘topics’, such as “The Stone Age”, “Islamic Civilisations” and “The Indus Valley” do not ‘lend’ themselves to ‘musical connections’ as well as the previous ones.  Therefore, Musical Contexts has retained the previous Key Stage 2/Primary ‘topics’ as a basis for units, as some schools are reverting back to these ‘tried and tested’ units which have more of a natural music-focus.  Should more ‘music-friendly’ units appear within the Primary Curriculum in the future, new units will be added. 

Are there any plans for Key Stage 1 or A-Level Resources?

I advertise Musical Contexts as ‘Tried and Tested Music Resources’ and as such, all of the resources have been used within my teaching experience between Key Stages 2 and 4 at present.  However, Musical Contexts is putting together Study & Revision Guides and Knowledge Organisers to support the OCR AS-Level Music Set Works for 2019.  Key Stage 1 resources will hopefully be added in 2019.

Can I purchase ‘individual units’ instead of a ‘full subscription’?

Only the eleven Primary/Key Stage 2 units can be purchased individually as stand-alone units.  Please see the Primary/Key Stage 2 unit pages for further information.  “Full site” subscriptions allow users access to the entire site

Can I copy, share or distribute the resources once I’ve paid my subscription?

Please feel free to copy and use these resources for your own use, with your students and pupils and within your own school or college, but please use the resources responsibly and ethically, as irresponsible free sharing of paid resources to groups and forums is not only a breach of copyright, but will only sadly see the demise of sites such as this which rely on the support of teachers for their future development.

I have a question that’s not covered by any of the topics above? How do I contact Musical Contexts?

Please contact Musical Contexts by clicking on one the icons below which best matches your query.

How will Musical Contexts protect my data when purchasing a subscription or an item from the Musical Contexts Shop?

In line with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, Musical Contexts has the following Privacy Policy:

Here at Musical Contexts we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us.  You will not be added to any “Mailing List”, unless you would like to keep up to date with the latest news from Musical Contexts, in which case, please email enquiries@musicalcontexts.co.uk with your consent to be added to our “Mailing List”.  These details will not be passed onto or sold to any third parties and are maintained with the strictest confidence in line with the above guidelines.  Any personal details or data given through PayPal® are kept and used in accordance with their own Privacy Policy with can be viewed HERE








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