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What is Music?

Pupils discuss and attempt to define the word “music” and listen to six extracts discussing them as “music”.


Audio 1 - What is Music? (Six Extracts)

My Name Is….?

A great way of getting young people vocalising/singing at the start of term and a good way of learning new Year 7’s names!


Audio 2 - “My Name Is” (Instrumental) - Eminem

The Lighthouse Game

A game for controlling the use of classroom percussion instruments and establishing rules for instrumental work

Achievements in Music

Taken from the Musical Contexts Year 7 Baseline Assessment Listening Test - a one-page questionnaire to gather new Year 7’s achievements in music.


An Aboriginal Call and Response Greeting Song (including optional movement!)


Audio 3 - Abeeyo Song Example






Exploring Sounds

Pupils identify sounds heard around them and then listen to ten sounds attempting to describe them and classify them as either ‘musical’ or ‘non-musical’


Audio 4 - Exploring Sounds (Ten Extracts)