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The following can all be purchased via PayPal with a Debit/Credit Card (you don’t have to have a PayPal account).  Simple click on the relevant “Buy Now” icon below and follow the instructions under “PayPal Guest Checkout”.

The following Primary/Key Stage 2 Musical Contexts units are available for “stand-alone” individual purchase at £20.00 each.

The Musical Contexts Great Big End of Term Summer Music Quiz

Those few “last music lessons of the Summer Term” can sometimes seem like a trial!  After the stress of uploading GCSE Music coursework and Listening Exams, together with the added pressures of Sports Days, End of Term Trips, Reports, Leaver’s Assemblies and rehearsal time for Summer Concerts, Musical Contexts has something that may make this easier! Presenting…..the Musical Contexts Great Big End of Summer Term Music Quiz!!!



Whilst I’d like to preface this with the familiar “Learning Objectives”, this is unashamedly and primarily meant for fun - (there is a ‘staff notation’ round however!)  The quiz covers Popular Music from 2017-18, Film, Video Game and TV Themes and some of the more well-known “retro” songs of years gone by!

The Musical Contexts Great Big End of Term Summer Music Quiz is also ideal to set for cover at any time during the Summer Term if ‘normal’ class music lessons are being covered or re-roomed due to school constraints.

The Musical Contexts Great Big End of Term Summer Music Quiz has 200+ questions, divided into 20 “rounds”.  It’s up to individual teachers as to what particular “rounds” they wish to use with classes, depending on lesson duration, ability and preference.  The pupil answer sheet has therefore been left generic rather than specific, allowing space for a “team name” (if pupils are working in teams - the quiz can also be set for individual completion).  All of the questions on the Musical Contexts Great Big End of Term Summer Music Quiz are given on an accompanying PowerPoint Presentation (with embedded audio and video tracks as required) as well as individual audio files in .mp3 format and a video file in .mp4 format.  Answers are also given in both the master quiz booklet and on a separate PowerPoint presentation for ease of class marking.  Certain “rounds” are also provided within the master quiz booklet if IT facilities are lacking for the administration of the quiz.

Rounds include: Multiple Choice Pop Music, Film Soundtracks Challenge, Pop Song Scramble, Backwards Pop Songs, Finish the Popular Song Lyrics, Disney Song Challenge, Pop Song Quick Fire, Pop Bands and Artists Pictograms, The TV Themes Challenge, Distortions, Introductions, Staff Notation, “Retro” Round, Video Game Themes, “Silent” Videos and the Emoji Pop Song Challenge (young people will love this!)


To purchase the Musical Contexts Great Big End of Term Summer Music Quiz, there is a fee of £10.00.  This allows you to copy and reproduce the resources as many times as you need as well as contributing to the cost of obtaining copyright permissions to use some of the materials within the pack.

Payment can be made through PayPal.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to make this purchase, simply click on the “Buy Now” icon above and the click on “Pay with a Debit or Credit Card” and continue the purchase with a debit or credit card.  Please note: on receipt of payment, you will be redirected (it may take 10 seconds once PayPal has been completed - please bear with!) to a secure link on the site where you can download The Musical Contexts Great Big End of Term Summer Music Quiz. 

I will also re-send confirmation emails to all purchasers with this link.

Please feel free to copy, modify, customise, personalise and use Musical Contexts resources for your own use, with your students and pupils, within your own school or college and on internal Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs). 

​Please use the resources responsibly and ethically, as continued irresponsible free sharing and poaching of paid published resources (particularly “free sharing” to Facebook groups and the current trend of setting up “free” music resource websites using Musical Contexts and other published resources) is not only a breach of copyright, but the implications of making these publicly available on websites, even if only for a short period of time, are that other schools and teachers can freely access them meaning a loss of earnings for authors and publishers, jeopardising future resource development for YOUR subject specification and will only sadly see the demise of sites such as Musical Contexts which rely on the support (and honesty) of schools and teachers for future development. 

Musical Contexts is unitedly working with a range of publishers together to monitor Facebook groups for such “free sharing” and regular checks to the web are made using a program which scours the web for PDFs using automated code (scrapers).  Any subscriber found freely sharing Musical Contexts resources online will have their log-in cancelled with immediate effect and no refund given in respect of this.

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Musical Contexts “Full Site” Subscription - £85.00

Includes unlimited access to all Key Stage 2/Primary, Key Stage 3/Secondary and 2016 GCSE (9-1) Music Resources along with access to the Year 7 Baseline Assessment Listening Test, Music Cover Bank, Music Starters and “DOITNOW’s” Bank and Songs and Performing Arrangements Bank.

This fee will not be re-billed or re-charged again in the future.

Musical Contexts Year 7 Baseline Assessment Listening Test - £10.00

Includes all of the Musical Contexts Year 7 Baseline Assessment Listening Test Resources - Pupil Answer Booklets, Teacher’s Guidance and Mark Scheme, Audio Tracks and Audio Transcripts.







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