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This unit develops pupil’s awareness of Chinese music in relation to its social, cultural and historical context. Pupils are introduced to the sounds of Chinese music through the integrated activities of listening, performing and composing and learn about its origins and Chinese musical instruments. The Pentatonic Scale forms the basis of study for this unit and pupils perform and compose pieces using this. Other key words and concepts included in this unit include  Melody, Rhythm, Structure, Contrast, Dynamics and Drone.

Element Focus - Pitch, Texture, Timbre & Dynamics and Melody & Harmony

Secondary/Key Stage 3 Unit - Chinese Music

Exploring the Pentatonic Scale

Supporting Activities - Cover & Homework


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Song Sheet  3




Song Melody








Song Sheet 2

The Siamese Cat Song

Score 3

The Siamese Cat Song Pupil’s Score

Score 4

The Siamese Cat Song Piano Accompaniment

Score 5

The Siamese Cat Song Full Score

The Siamese Cat Song

Song Example

 on Audio 9

Video 2

The Siamese Cat Song









Cover/Homework 1

Chinese Music

Cover/Homework 2

Chinese Festivals & Word Search

Cover/Homework 3

Chinese Food

Cover/Homework 4

Chinese Language

Cover/Homework 5

Questions on Chinese Food & Language

Cover/Homework 6

The Pentatonic Scale







Cover/Homework 7


Cover/Homework 8














Song Sheet 1

China Town


China Town

Song Melody

Score 1

China Town

Pupil’s Score

Score 2

China Town Teacher’s Score


China Town

Player 1


China Town

Player 2


China Town

Player 3


China Town

Players 1. 2 & 3








Video 1

Dragon Boat Race

Worksheet 1

Chinese Music

Worksheet 2

The Black Notes Scale

Worksheet 3

Composing a Chinese Pentatonic Piece

Worksheet 4

The Willow Pattern Story Composing Sheet

Worksheet 5

Evaluating Chinese Pentatonic Compositions

Worksheet 8

Chinese Music & Pentatonic Scales Quiz






Starter/Plenary 1 Chinese Musical Instrument Cards

Starter/Plenary 2

Identifying Chinese Musical Instruments


(Uses Audio 1 & 2) 

Starter/Plenary 3

Chinese Music

Word search

Starter/Plenary 4

Chinese Musical Instrument Graphic Score Sequencing


(Uses Audio 3)

Starter/Plenary 5

Two Enharmonic Dice

Scheme of Work

Lesson Plan (PDF)

Lesson Plan (DOC)

Lesson Bundles (ZIP)

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Lesson 1

Exploring Chinese Musical Instruments

Lesson Plan 1

Lesson Plan 1

Lesson 1

Resource Bundle

Lesson 2

Exploring The Black Notes Pentatonic Scale

Lesson Plan 2

Lesson Plan 2

Lesson 2

Resource Bundle

Lesson 3

Exploring Pentatonic Improvisation

Lesson Plan 3

Lesson Plan 3

Lesson 3

Resource Bundle

Lesson 4

Composing a Chinese Pentatonic Piece

Lesson Plan 4

Lesson Plan 4

Lesson 4

Resource Bundle

Lesson 5

Exploring the influence of Chinese Music on Music from other times and places

Lesson Plan 5

Lesson Plan 5

Lesson 5

Resource Bundle

Lesson 6

Performing a Group Arrangement of a

Chinese-influenced Pentatonic Song

Lesson Plan 6

Lesson Plan 6

Lesson 6

Resource Bundle







Audio 4

Spring Water Reflects the Moon

Audio 5

Chinese Feng Shui Music

Audio 6

Two Pentatonic


Starter/Plenary 6

Listening to Chinese Music

Graphic Score Matching


(Uses Audio 7 & 8)

Starter/Plenary 7

Listening to Chinese Music


(Uses Audio 10)

Starter/Plenary 8

My Chinese Music Learning


The Siamese Cat Song Melodic Parts Together


The Siamese Cat Song Percussion Parts Together


The Siamese Cat Song

All  Parts Together