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Feeling the Blues - 5 Minutes Silent Reading

For teachers who prefer to begin their lessons with quiet, focused openers.  All contain “Questions to Think About” which can also be used as Cover or Homework tasks.

1. The Blues

2. X

3. X

4. The Development of the Blues

5. Blues Musicians

6. Bessie Smith

Feeling the Blues - Music Theory

Learning about Seventh Chords

Constructing Chords I, IV and V and then I7, IV7 and V7 in C Major on staff notation and keyboard diagrams. 

Feeling the Blues - General Blues Resources

Key Words, Concepts and Musical Knowledge

12-Bar Blues, Blues Chord Sequence, Improvisation, Blues Scale, Riffs, Fills, Solos, Chords I, IV, V, Blues Song Lyrics, Blues Songs Structures.

Music Theory

Chords I, IV & V

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Creating a Blues Melody Line

Pupils create a melody line based on a given twelve bar blues chord sequence and lyrics in C Major

BLM Blues Composing Sheet

Pupils create blues lyrics to a given twelve bar blues melody and chords on the subject of Black Lives Matter.