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All About the Bass - Performing Resources

All About the Bass - Cover and Homework Activities

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All About the Bass - Music Theory

Key Words, Concepts and Musical Knowledge

Bass Line, Bass Clef, Bass Clef Staff Notation, Stave, Staff, Lines/Spaces, Pitch, Musical Instruments that use the Bass Clef, The Bass Guitar

Chords: Root, Third, Fifth, Passing Notes

Bass Line Patterns: Walking Bass, Bass Line Riffs, Alberti Bass, Broken Chords, Arpeggios, Pedal

Music Theory

Bass Clef Staff Notation

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Bass Clef Hip-Hop Riffs to Perform

Four famous Hip-Hop riffs given in the Bass Clef with and without note names to perform.

Bass Clef Rap Riffs to Perform

Four two-part famous Rap riffs given in the Treble and Bass Clefs with and without note names to perform.






Rock ‘n’ Roll Activity Sheets

Comprehension Questions and a Word Search of key terms relating to Rock’n’Roll

Can be done without using ICT.





Bass Clef Staff Notation

Naming notes in the Bass Clef. 

Contains Answers